Tara Regan Marketing Specialist

About Tara:

Hi, I’m Tara! I’m a marketing specialist driving advancements in marketing strategies at LHO & Co. With a background spanning over 16 years at Kaiser, I’ve refined my client relations abilities from my days as a teleservice representative, where I learned that customer satisfaction is the heartbeat of success. The multiple awards I earned during that time were not just tokens of recognition, but a testament to my commitment to excellence.The combination of my eagerness to learn and my drive to create has led me to the marketing industry. I’ve always had an eye for social media marketing, and my organizational abilities allow me to guide projects seamlessly from start to finish.Beyond the corporate world, you’ll find me embracing life’s adventures in Palm Harbor, Florida, alongside my husband. Sailing, traveling and photography are a few of my passions, and you can catch a glimpse of them on my Instagram account, @SunJunky1976.In teaming up with LHO & Co., I’ve integrated customer-focused principles into our strategies. I want our marketing solutions to do more than just work – I want them to bring real success to our clients.