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Lead Generation
Digital Marketing

Can Attorneys, CPAs & Financial Advisors Really Get Qualified Leads From Their Website?  

Yes, they can! From my experience though, not a lot of professionals think this is possible, as they are not getting qualified leads from their …

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SEO strategy
Growth Strategies

3 Steps to Start Implementing an SEO Strategy on Your Website

You had the same website for years, and you finally invested in developing a new one. Congratulations!   Websites are vital to a business’s success and …

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Business Development

When Marketing Yourself Keep Your Focus Narrow

When marketing yourself, remember to keep your focus narrow. If your marketing efforts are too broad, two things will happen:  You will not be remembered. …

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Brand Guide

Have you Recently Started a New Business?

If you have, it’s important to start off on the right marketing foot. One of the first things you should put into place is a …

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Business Development Goals

Why Developing Habit Goals is a Better Strategy than Setting Goals

I have been doing a lot of reading on ways to set myself up for success in the new year to get the new year …

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Business Development Goals

Outline Your Business Goals and Create a Plan to Achieve Them in the New Year

Here we are, three days before the last day of the year. While I have been trying to take it a bit slower workwise and …

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Consistency is queen

How to Keep Your Marketing Consistent as a Professional

Keeping your marketing consistent if you are in the professional services industry, working as an attorney, CPA, or financial advisor can be challenging.   If…

The Importance of Demonstrating Value to Your Clients

To have long-term happy clients as an attorney, CPA, or financial advisor, it is instrumental that you not only provide value to your clients…
Become an expert

10,000 Hours

“Success is a function of persistence and doggedness and the willingness to work hard for 22 minutes to make sense of something that most…
digital marketing seo

Digital Marketing for Attorneys

The goal of digital marketing for attorneys is to generate quality leads from your website.   While there are many components to generating quality…

What is the Difference Between Marketing & Business Development?

Building a business from the ground up entails plenty of moving parts. More than scoping your audience, sourcing products, and employing the right people,…
marketing strategies

Effective Ways to Market Yourself as an Attorney 

Most attorneys didn’t go to law school because they wanted to get into marketing. Most attorneys became attorneys because they were interested in practicing law.   The…

Can a Business Owner do Their Own Marketing? 

In theory, a business owner can do their own marketing, but should they do their marketing is the better question. A big part of…
Marketing Break

Summertime Marketing Blues

The summertime can make it hard to devote time to marketing and business development as you are juggling your workload in addition to kids’ summer…
Success takes time

A Thought Leadership Marketing Strategy Takes Time

How long does it take to generate business through a thought leadership strategy? I wish I could tell you not long, but the reality…
Work anniversary

Tips/ Takeaways From My First Year in Business

The end of this month marks one year in business for me with LHO & Co.! It is truly an exciting milestone! I have…